Loyalty program

Best on the market loyalty program!

Best on the market loyalty program!

We at BulgaLupum take pride in providing our customers with a loyalty program that allows them enjoy benefits and rewards for purchasing our products. Every time you return to BulgaLupum as a customer, you will receive special discounts that are linked directly to your personal cart. You can easily earn rewards, just by purchasing products you desire. Each purchase is automatically registered in our system, which will provide you with benefits such as discounts as well as premium services.

Loyalty program in detail

Our loyalty program was created to help you feel comfortable while shopping on our website. As soon as you make a purchase or purchases that reach the minimum specified dollar amount to start the loyalty program, the BulgaLupum system will automatically calculate a discount on your order at checkout.
As the amount of your total purchases increase, the amount you will receive in discounts will also increase. You can view the loyalty program discount given on each order when you reach checkout.

Levels of Loyalty @ BulgaLupum

  Total orders amount * Loyalty discount
Level 1 350 1%
Level 2 400 1.5%
Level 3 500 1.8%
Level 4 600 2%
Level 5 800 2.5%
Level 6 1000 3%
Level 7 1500 3.5%
Level 8 2500 4%
Level 9 4000 5%
Level 10 7000 6%
Level 11 10000 7%
Level 12 20000 8%
Level 13 30000 9%
Level 14 40000 10%
Level 15 50000 11%
Level 16 60000 12%
Level 17 70000 13%
Level 18 80000 14%
Level 19 90000 15%
* please note that only retail orders, lower than $1500 are taken into account.

Loyalty program rules

When you create an account on our website, we at BulgaLupum cannot merge or combine two accounts. All total discounts will be calculated on only one single account, even if you own two or more accounts. This means if you have two accounts and have spent $350, you will only receive a 1% discount on each account and not 2% on the total combined for both accounts.

Loyalty programs conditions

The only orders eligible for the loyalty program are retail orders that were made on or after June 1, 2012 in the amount of $1 to $1,500.

The loyalty program is not affected by and is applicable in addition to other discounts, offers, and promotions. All other deals that are created outside of the standard prices and amounts are not eligible for our loyalty program.

Example of BulgaLupum Customer Loyalty Program

If you have an SWIM account and are at the 5th level, you will receive a 2% discount on your next purchase. Along with this, special promotions are in effect such as a 5% discount that you received from special promotions, or aggregated discounts. This means that you would actually receive a total of a 7% discount.