MDMB-CHMCZCA is a new research chemical classified with other synthetic cannabinoids. The scientific information related to this new chemical is that it is the analog of MDMB-CHMICA with a few differences, such as the center indole group has been increased to have a 3 ring carbazole as well as the linking of the carboxylamino bridge to the methyl dimethylbutanoate group connects instead of to the indole to the new benzyl ring.

MDMB-CHMCZCA has been sold under other names according to the country in which the research chemical is sold such as EGMB-CHMINACA. Since it is a new research chemical very little is known about the chemical other than some scientific data such as its IUPAC name. Even though not much data is available it is believed to have similar binding properties to the cannabinoid receptors as its analog.

When purchased by research laboratories it comes as an off white powder that if shipped to the United States will be stored in wet ice, while other countries may have a different shipping method. MDMB-CHMCZCA if stored at -20 degrees Celsius will have a stability of two years if all other information provided on the safe storage of the chemical is met

Some scientific information differs with the analog similarity and states it is an analog of MMBC. It has also been speculated to be related 5F-MDMB-2201, AMB-CHMICA, MMBC, FUB-AMB.

Since research has not been fully studied on MDMA-CHMCZCA it is only intended for research purposes in controlled laboratories and is not intended for human consumption It would be in your best interest if you wish to do research on this chemical to check with the laws in your country regarding synthetic cannabinoids.