Etizolam is listed with research chemicals in the family of diazepines known as thienotriazolodiazepines. The creation of research chemicals by qualified manufacturers allow scientists and other industries to learn more about the way specific chemicals work in a laboratory setting. Researchers in Italy published information regarding etizolam that states that these compounds used in the creation of etizolam is easy to oxidize, metabolizes fast, and is believed to have a lower risk of accumulation. On the other hand, the anxiolytic action of etizolam is quite a bit more potent when it is compared to diazepam.

However, there is not enough information regarding the toxicity or long-term effects of the chemical, therefore, it is not for human consumption and should only be used in controlled laboratory settings.

To learn if etizolam could be a replacement for other diazepines with fewer side effects, researchers must work with the compound to learn how it affects the brain and if there are any long-term effects that may be detrimental for long term usage. This will be done in controlled laboratories until the research chemical can be proven to be effective without harmful side effects.