At this time, since EMB-FUBINACA is such a new chemical it is only intended for usage in scientific or forensic studies to learn more scientific information. Synthetic cannabinoids are created so further studies can be performed to learn if the new chemical has any helpful qualities to aid with diseases or illnesses in humans or animals. Until further research is compiled EMB-FUBINACA is not intended for animal or human consumption.

Scientific information that is available on EMB-FUBINACA includes the molecular formula as well as synonyms which are FU-AEB, AEB-FUBINACA, f-fluoro EMB-FUBINACA.

Controlled laboratories that order EMB-FUBINACA should understand that it will be shipped in wet ice and will need to be stored at -20 degrees Fahrenheit in order to have a longer shelf life of up to 1095 days. When purchased it will come as a white powder with a 397.5 molecular weight.

Some scientific data shows that EMB-FUBINACA is very similar to other cannabinoids especially 5F-MDMB-2201. Research on EMB-FUBINACA in scientific laboratories shows that it is very closely related to other cannabinoids so the majority of research that will be conducted in controlled laboratories will determine the different binding properties of receptors along with comparing this research chemical to other cannabinoids. Due to the fact that EMB-FUBINACA is a new chemical, there is not enough data available to determine if there are any health or mental benefits of the chemical, therefore it is sold only to laboratories for further research and is no way intended for human consumption.

For laboratories wanting to further study EMB-FUBINACA, it would be best to learn about the laws in your country regarding cannabinoids as some have placed on such chemicals on the controlled substance or banned list and in case of requirement obtain license from corresponding authorities.