7-Aminonimetazepam (CRM)

7-Aminonimetazepam (CRM) is a new research chemical listed in the benzodiazepine family. The chemical was created in a research chemical manufacturing company in order for scientists to learn more about chemicals in the family as well as determine if the new chemical can replace any of the medications that are on the market today. These chemicals are often studied to learn how the chemical will work on humans in order to create new medications with fewer side effects related to the medications that are available today.
7-Aminonimetazepam (CRM) has not been studied enough to know if the chemical will provide any beneficial qualities for humans. Therefore, 7-Aminonimetazepam (CRM) is not intended for veterinary usage or human consumption.
The data available on 7-Aminonimetazepam (CRM) also referred to as Ro 05-4318 and Ro 05-3418 has not been on the market long and hardly any data is available such as the toxicological and physiological properties. The data available includes the molecular formula, the IUPAC name, the molecular weight and other scientific data. It is related structurally to thirteen other chemicals including Nitrazepam (CRM), 7-Aminonimetazepam, Flunitrazeoam (CRM), and nimetazepam. 7-Aminonimetazepam (CRM) has been listed as a metabolite of the latter chemical (nimetazepam).
Due to the knowledge that is known, it is believed that 7-Aminonimetazepam (CRM) will have similar effects of nimetazepam but more research needs to be conducted to learn the differences of this new chemical and the parent chemical, how these changes will affect humans. Even one small change in the molecular make-up could change the chemical enough to bring on different effects or lower side effects. Scientists that purchase the chemical for further studies can buy the chemical from a research chemical manufacturer. In order to preserve the stability of the chemical is should be stored at -20 degrees Celsius and will in most cases be shipped at room temperature.