4-Me-TMP was created by research chemical manufacturers as a supplementary chemical that may be used as an alternative to methylphenidate. However, at this time, it is only for usage in a controlled laboratory setting and is not intended for human consumption. With its close relationship to methylphenidate is shown some of the same effects seen in animal drug testing. However, 4-Me-TMP is not as effective at blocking the reuptake of dopamine even though it does have a high binding affinity. Threo-4-methylmethylphenidate may be used as an alternative to other drugs in the same stimulant family for abuse treatment of stimulants.

4-Me-TMP has shown to be less potent as methylphenidate and was not as effective at inhibiting the reuptake of dopamine as 3-chloro and 4-fluoro compounds. However, this is good news as research can be conducted to learn if this compound can be a better alternative for those suffering from stimulant abuse.

Research has been conducted on the scientific factors of 4-Me-TMP which include the chemical formula, the amount of hydrogen acceptors, hydrogen donors, index of refraction, boiling point, flash point, and removal in wastewater treatment. While there is scientific data available on analogs and compounds such as 4-Me-TMP there needs to be more studies conducted prior to the research chemical being used in clinical trials. Once the toxicity, abuse potential, and other data is compiled, this new research chemical has promise to be introduced on the market, but until that time, it is not intended for human consumption.