3-MEC is a supplementary research chemical created to further study mephedron substitutes. It is in the family of cathinones that are stimulants and empathogenics. Manufacturers create such research chemicals so scientists can learn more about the factors of the compounds and how they work in various experiments in controlled laboratory settings. In most cases, when studies were performed 3-MEC was compared to 4-CMC and it was noted that this new research chemical would produce serotonergic effects but it is believed it would be as potent as 4-C. However, with more studies, 3-methylethylcathinone may be found to be an alternative to mephedron.

Until more research is conducted on 3-MEC it will stay listed as a research chemical. Studies need to be published regarding the toxicity as well as possible long term effects and if the new compound will harm the environment when disposed of such as through wastewater.

At this time, there have not been any scientific reports on the pharmacology of 3-MEC.

3-MEC is a research chemical only and is not intended for human consumption. More scientific data needs to be compiled before the compound can be used for medical or mental purposes.