2-Methoxymethcathinone (HCL)

2-Methoxymethcathinone (hydrochloride) is a new research chemical created by research chemical manufacturers to aid scientists in further research to discover medications for the benefit of humans medically or mentally. The hopes of discovering medications that have the benefits of medications on the market today with the harmful side effects are the main reason such research chemicals are created.

2-Methoxymethcathinone (hydrochloride) also referred to as 2-MeOMC is a synthetic research chemical that has a structure that is very closely related to methedrone. The chemical was created to learn more about the properties of cathinones that are known as stimulants to discover any beneficial properties humans either medically or mentally. At this time, N-Ethylpentylone (hydrochloride) is so new on the market, there is not much scientific information available such as the toxicology or the physiological actions that the chemical may produce in animals or humans.

Research that has been performed on 2-Methoxymethcathinone (hydrochloride) has shown the chemical to be a psychoactive compound that is different from methedrone in that the methoxy group is not at the four position but is located at the 2 position. Along with this, the derivative of this research chemical has been used as a bronchodilator as it is has shown to be a β-adrenergic receptor agonist; however, it is not being widely used due to not enough data has been compiled to learn the true benefits. Due to the low amount of scientific data on this research chemical and other cathinones, on 2-Methoxymethcathinone (hydrochloride) will remain a research chemical until more studies have been performed in a controlled laboratory.

Other data available on 2-Methoxymethcathinone (hydrochloride) is that it exists as a crystalline solid, the molecular formula is known, and the weight of the formula is 229.7. This research chemical is not intended for human consumption.